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4th Generation Family-Owned Farm

While producing maple syrup is a fun and "sweet" part of our farm, our primary focus is on dairy and beef production. 

Our dairy herd consists of around 130 milking cows and an equal amount of replacement heifers and calves. Additionally, we keep select beef cows to raise for personal use and private sale. 

Our beef cattle are sold by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole at $4 per pound hanging weight. Hanging weight is defined as the carcass weight minus the head, hide, and entrails. The consumer then chooses their cuts (what steaks, roasts, stew meat, and any organs they want), and all other meat is ground into burger. It is in this process of cutting the meat up that it is trimmed and bone removed (as well as unwanted organs) to get your "finished meat". Finished meat is what comes cut, wrapped, and frozen to the consumer.

For more information fill out the contact form below or call David at 716-450-2070.

Raw Beef with Herbs and Spices
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